Saturday, 2 December 2017

Some Things Not To Miss In Prague - In Photos

I've yet to meet anyone who didn't enjoy Prague. Not only is the city stunningly beautiful, it's walkable, has fantastic food, and I found something delightful to find at every turn.

Yet I had trouble relating what I read in the guidebook to what I saw around me. I read and walked in two different worlds. Perhaps because there was so much to see; perhaps because I kept getting distracted by things which books and blogs failed to mention.

Not to miss in Prague
The art-deco staircase in my hotel

An important thing to savour in Prague is the food. The food in the first restaurant I tried was delicious (recommendation of the stewardess on the flight); I can't imagine anyone eating badly here. From duck to boar to fish; steins of beer, local wine, street food, soups, desserts, cakes, coffee; enjoy!

Not to miss in Prague
The tastes of Prague

The area around the castle is a world of on it's own; simply from reading I never quite appreciated how seperate the castle was to the town. I arrived just on opening - this gave me ample time to see the place before it became cluttered with tourists, catch the changing of the guard, enjoy a coffee and strudel, then walk back to town.

Changing of the guard

I returned later in the evening to visit the Sternberg Palace a little before closing. What an amazing find! The most amazing artwork, from Ancient Greek to modern times, encompassing amazing pieces from my most favoured periods, the early Renaissance. For me, one of the best galleries I've visited - and it was virtually empty.

Not to miss in Prague
Beauty in the Sternberg Palace

Walking down from the palace winds past a vineyard, hidden courtyards, the streets of Malá Strana, and so to the Charle's Bridge with its plethora of statues. At dawn (and maybe dusk) you'll share the bridge with only a few, and the light is beautiful; any later in the day and it can be nigh impossible to move. I lost count of the number of brides I saw.

Not to miss in Prague
Grapes near the Prague Castle

Then there is the simple beauty of the streets. Everything seems to be a work of art - a statue here, a gate there. A bridge covered with padlocks, a alley so narrow it needs traffic lights for pedestrians to pass one another safely. The stunning astronomical clock; the gothic beauty of Prague's churches and towers. Even my hotel proved an art deco delight.

Not to miss in Prague
A padlocked bridge

Wander, enjoy, look, and keep discovering. And, like me, start planning your return before you leave!

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