Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Discovering Catalan's Castellers

Castellers in  Terassa

My favourite part of travel (apart from the reading about somewhere before I go, the planning, that first glass of champagne on the plan, discovering a new place, the sights, the food...) is the unexpected. Especially when the unexpected steps out of a fairytale.

Castellers in  Terassa

Stumbling across Castellers performing at Terassa's main festival, the Festa Major, is one of those times. The sight of human towers stretching to the sky as the crowds cheers dates back to medieval times, and is a unique piece of Catalan culture. I just never expected to see it, nor to be so close that the castellers were only a few metres from me. (Locals not only stepped out of my way but pushed me to the front to let me get a better view.)

Just an hour from Barcelona and I found not only human towers, but also giants, dragons, fireworks, and the occasional pirate.

Castellers in  Terassa

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