Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Bicycles of Vietnam

The bicycles of Vietnam

Crossing the road in Vietnam can be precarious. Too many motorbikes, optional road rules, lanes which are more guidelines than reality... it can prove daunting. (I usually cross behind a little old lady who knows no fear, for she has it seen it all.)

Then there are the bicycles.

The bicycles of Vietnam

Yes, that is bride. Peddling through the streets of Hoi An. Naturally. When motorbikes are used to transport families (seven on one bike was the most I saw) a bride on a bicycle seems totally natural. And impressive, considering the flowing dress and the heels.

The bicycles of Vietnam

Despite a noticeable lack of gears, bikes are everywhere. In the countryside, in rice paddies, in vegetable plots. They never seem out of place, whether it be on an allotment farm or on a boat. I stepped of a boat somewhere along the Mekong Delta, and there was bike waiting patiently for its owner.

The bicycles of Vietnam

There is such an elegant simplicity about these bicycles, all in tones of grey. They are bikes for everyday use. No one wears in lycra, and everyone peddles to their own time. I've seen them used to carry everything from cages of chickens to huge chunks of ice.

And when their time is ended, they can always be used for decoration.

The bicycles of Vietnam

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