Port Vila in the Rain

Port Vila in the Rain

A soft rain was falling as I sailed into Port Villa, Efate in the South Pacific. Yet an island paradise it proved all the same.

Port Vila in the Rain

Leaving the town, the island is dotted with hidden delights and curiosities - reaching them through the jungle can prove a challenge. At one spot I found a reminder of a less tranquil past; a cauldron used by head-hunters and cannibals.

Port Vila in the Rain

Little villages lie on the beaches, hidden from most tourists by dirt roads. An idyllic life.

Port Vila in the Rain

In the verdant jungle I came across some amazing trees. Amongst the lush growth the roots and trunks of these giants stood out, living creatures from another age.

Port Vila in the Rain

Afternoon came with a relaxing meal at a beachside bar, overlooking a bay where someone had moored their boat after perhaps one too many mojitos.

Such is island life.

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