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Drifting Down the Danube

For one of the busiest waterways in Europe, the Danube offers many peaceful spots.

In places, quiet houses line the banks, the perfect weekender. The air is filled with the sound of birdsong, and the lap of water.

At every bend of the Danube there stands another church, another ruined castle atop a hill.

Occasionally the villages sell to the size of towns, but peaceful towns, untouched by the troubles of the real world.

Vineyards are everywhere. And in this now-ruined castle above Dürnstein, Richard the LionHeart was once held prisoner.

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My Morning Friend

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a currawong warbling of a morning. It such a melodious sound, a welcoming start to the day.
In spring many birds visit my balcony with their babies, knowing I will leave some food for their breakfast. The currawongs always give me a thank you song in reply.

Summer in London

Having only been to London when the days are short and the sun rarely seen, I was enthralled at the difference in the city under the summer sunshine.

Flowers abounded, on every corner, every lamp post. Buildings were covered in them. In the parks the lawns were dotted with tiny flowers poking their faces to the sky.

I did wonder who cares for these flowers, and where they go during winter. Just where do all these pots of colourful gems come from each summer?

Then there were places like St Dunstan-in-the-East - bombed during the Blitz, now a garden oasis in the centre of London.

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Labelling Corfu

Corfu is a place of contrasts. A brilliant blue sea under blazing sunshine. A centre packed with tourists.
And forgotten mosaics, so delicate.

I love the ethereal nature of this work. I never quite understood Byzantine icons, but in Corfu they finally made sense. Sitting in the Church of St Spyridon, where the remains of Corfu's patron saint are on display, I sat surrounded by incense, and icons glimmered at me in the darkness.

Away from the perennial crowds which flood to the island, are hidden spots. Old buildings, forgotten towers, streets which seem to lead nowhere; Corfu defies labels.

Corfu is a place to wander, and to be lost. Which I managed very easily. Trust me, the map didn't help.

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