The Dog of Bruges

One of my favourite memories of Bruges was the Dog of Bruges. He has since passed away, but I will always remember him watching the tourists barges as they drifted past his window.


Like Venice, the canals of Bruges make it impossible to walk in a straight line; I found it simplest to follow a canal. The Groenerei (or Green Canal) is one of the old town’s major waterways, and was only two bridges away from my hotel. As I walked along I was surprised to see a golden retriever pawing at a window of the Côté Canal Hotel.

The delightful canals of Bruges

Unseen hands opened the window and spread out a quilt, and the dog made himself quite comfortable lying across the windowsill, soaking up the sun as he watched the world go by.

How could you not fall in love with this town?

I hadn’t yet heard of the famous Dog of Bruges. Every morning he settled into place as the tourist boats started up for the day. Apart from appearing in the photos of every tourist who passed, he even starred in both TV commercials and movies (including a two second cameo for In Bruges). 

May I start now?

I know I'll return to Bruges, such a delightful discovery, but I'm glad to have seen this lovely dog, who took such delight in all who passed by.


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