Vox Populi, Melbourne

The laneways in Melbourne are famous for their street art. It is a constantly changing world, where few images stay for long but while they are there, their voice is strong.

A snap shot of today, to be buried under more layers of paint. May be one day rediscovered, but essentially ephemeral.
Which is what gives the art is poignancy.

Turning the Camera the Other Way in Vietnam.

Surfing the Internet, browsing Pinterest or Instagram feeds, or the posts of fellow travellers it is all too easy to form the wrong view of a place. A totally idealistic view, where there are no crowds or heats, insects don't bite and queues simply don't happen.

Another Little Venice

Kurashiki is an old canal town in Japan. Like most other places calling themselves 'a little Venice', the canals were once important routes between the port and both warehouses and merchant houses. During the Edo period, Kurashiki rose to prominence as a place for storing and redistributing rice. In the Bikan Historical Area, these canals flow back to a more gentle past, lined with weeping willows,  and with the occasional swan drifting past.

I found Prague's famous astronomical clock impossible to photograph. There is simply so much to take in, which I couldn't collect into one photograph.

Every hour, starting at 9 am and continuing until 11pm, a parade of characters move above the clock, peering out to world as they pass a small window. To one side a rooster crows and flaps his wings as a skeleton rings a bell. Unfortunately, it's all over in some 30 seconds, until the next hour strikes....

 I was lucky, for our guide had found us a perfect place to stand. The Old Town Square is perennially crowded, no more so than when the hour approaches. The only time I saw the square empty was on an early morning walk as I set out to photograph Charles Bridge before all the tourists arrived. Perhaps because it was 3 degrees C the square was almost empty.

Installed in 1410, Prague's clock is the third oldest such clock in the world, and the oldest astronomical clock which still functions. The dials show a stationary E…

Just Another day in Florence

Just another day wandering the streets in Florence, along her medieval lanes and winding alleyways. Past huge wooden doors thick enough to barricade any unwanted entrance. Streaming sunshine, a beautiful spring day.

Then came the sound of drums, and from nowhere this parade, for all the world like it was an everyday occurrence. Only tourists like myself seem to stop and take any notice. For the next hour or so I could hear the sound of drums as the parade made its way through the streets of Florence, and everyone else went back to their shopping.

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Faces in Venice

Just a little cherub peeking out from a wall. Venice is like that. I found myself so busy looking at the wonders all around that the little gems were easily overlooked - but so delightful when I saw them.

This fellow is on the corner of the Campo dei more, not far from the old Ghetto. A quiet corner of Venice, largely free of tourists.

Dotted around the city are Bocce di Leone, dating back to the glory days of teh Repblic. Letters could be posted here denouncing fellow citizens for crimes and unpatriotic behaviour (the powers that be actually preferred the denunciations to be signed, and rarely followed up anonymous complaints).
this fellow can be found on teh Zaterre, a gorgeous place to sit, have a drink, and watch the world go by.

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The Penguins of St Kilda

You have to look hard to see him. These fairy penguins return each night to nest in the rocks along the St Kilda boardwalk in Melbourne. They come in after dark, and leave again before dawn, and are best spotted with the aid of a red light which doesn’t distress them.
Indeed one penguin often performs to the crowd (there were at least a hundred people gathered on a mid-week summer night). He hops up on the platform and waddles along to his nest among the rocks, repeating the performance a few times to make sure every one sees.
Others are more shy, reaching their resting spot without being spotted.
Afterwards, a walk in the failing light to one of the many restaurants Melbourne has to offer.

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