Dragons and Giants in Spain

I stumbled across a festival in the village of Terrassa in Spain. It proved a serious business. Some people must take forever to get their makeup ready. Or perhaps they've been standing in the summer sun a little too long.

Finally they all gathered, and the dancing began. I lost count of how many bride and grooms paraded before us, swishing skirts and slapping knees.

If you arrive a little late, it helps if you tower over everyone else so you can see over the crowds. It also makes for a spectacular entrance.

Finally the king and queen make an appearance. It always takes giants a little longer to get ready, before they can go dancing and join in the festivities. A stately dance, so neither crown will slip.

Then, once the royalty have given their blessings to all, the sparks start flying.

The cause of the sparks is the dragon. What is a festival without a dragon? An hour out of Barcelona, and a dragon appears.

But the dragon is perfectly safe, for he's guarded by pirates.

As I …

The Streets of Vietnam

Ah, the streets of Vietnam. Never a dull moment. The vibrancy of Saigon - now known as Ho Chi Minh - where the sounds of motorbikes fill the air from dawn till well after dusk.

I saw this lady taking a moment amongst the chaos. A morning coffee, a moment of stillness as bikes whizzed past in all directions. What I at times found overwhelming she had seen so many times.

In the delightful streets of Hoi An, where push bikes almost outnumber the motor bikes, I captured a bride and groom cycling past, photographer in tow. Of course. And the bride managed it all in high heels.

I love these road markers. They are all over Vietnam, adding a nostalgic touch as they spell out distances.

What other way to transport goods? I saw motor bikes carrying many things, from blocks of ice to baskets filled with chickens.

Hidden Faces in Angkor Wat

Watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat is truely a magical experience. Even despite the crowds, it is one of those memories which doesn't fade.

A Day at the Széchenyi Baths, Budapest


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