Monday, 28 May 2018

Images of Mt Fuji

Images of Mt Fuji

From where I stood Mt Fuji rose majestic and serene against a clear blue sky. The cherry blossoms were still in bloom, a perfect frame against Fuji’s snow-capped dome. I never thought I would see such beauty.

I was standing in Saiko Iyashi No Sato Nenba. A long name, for a small and tranquil village.
The call of birds filled the sky. The air was so clear Mt Fuji seemed so close, and I could see her patterns on the snowy cone. Nearby the waters of  Lake Saiko glistened.

Images of Mt Fuji

Yet life in Saiko Iyashi No Sato Nenbahad not always been so tranquil. In 1966, a typhoon hit, and a resultant landslide destroyed the village.

Now it has been rebuilt in traditional style, including the thatched roofs called “Kabuto-zukuri” for they are in the shape of a samurai’s helmet.

Images of Mt Fuji

This magical retreat is only some 2 hours drive from Tokyo. Earlier I had been at Mt Fuji's Fifth Station, the highest you can drive before ascending on foot. Yesterday the road to the station was closed because of landslides; tomorrow it would be raining again, and the mountain vanished.

Images of Mt Fuji

For My Fuji is a shy mountain. Some make many visits and never see her in her true beauty. I feel blessed to have seen her on this most magical of days.

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