Koya-San, Japan's Holy Mountain.

Koya-san, Japan's Holy Mountain
The starting point of our pilgrimage

Koya-San is one of Japan's Holy mountains, revered as the resting place of the Kobo Daishi, who brought Shingon Buddhism to Japan.

Koya-san, Japan's Holy Mountain
Some of the half million graves lining the walk

Although he has been dead for over 1000 years, monks still bring the Kobo Daishi food twice a day in his mausoleum, the Oko-in. As I walked towards his resting place, the sunlight tumbled through the cypress trees, and midges danced in the sunlight. (Be warned: as the daylight fades, these are replaced by starving mosquitoes!)

Koya-san, Japan's Holy Mountain
Monks atop the Holy Mountain

Over a million pilgrims and tourists alike flock to Koya-san, to walk hand-in hand with this monk, in the hope he will help lead them to enlightenment. Even the dead line the paths here, waiting for the return of the Buddha of the Future, one of the most esteemed figures in Japanese history.

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