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Watching the Floating Lanterns in Hoi An, Vietnam

The paper lantern floated down the river, a soft light against the darkness. Dozens of others, red and yellow and blue, orange, purple and every combination of colour imaginable drifted nearby, dancing along the current. In the old part of Hoi An, coloured lanterns adorn every house, and at night a glow fills the town with the softness of candle light.

Although I could see no clouds, lightening flashed across the sky, and a distant rumble sounded. The humidity rose even higher. The wet season is an interesting time to visit Vietnam, where it be a coastal town like Hoi An, or travelling the Mekong. From the bridge, I stood and watched the lanterns as they floated down river. They slowly drifted out of sight, and I wondered how far they went and where they would finally sink, or maybe come ashore.

On the other side of the river are the night markets. Lanterns, of course, are for sale, plus everything a tourist needs: cards, hair-clips, pearls, clothes, memorabilia from the war. Whole stalls…

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