Friday, 18 August 2017

10 Photos to Convince You to Visit Paris in Summer

I'd never been to Europe, let alone Paris, in the summer before. Paris is a magical place, and under the summer sun the city sparkled. I felt I was discovering a whole new city.

The Tuileries

In winter these gardens near the Louvre have a mystery all their own, with the fountains playing amongst bare trees, and the occasional chair pulled to catch the watery sunlight. In summer, I found the place awash with green. The statues felt almost alive under the heat of the sun, and the colours of the marble against the green is spectacular.

The Louvre seen from the Tuileries

Take A River Cruise

Some years ago, I took a Seine river cruise one afternoon in the late autumn. Dusk fell as the boat toured the Seine – a magical way to see the city. This time, I took same cruise – only the light didn't start to fail until around 9.30! Under a clear sky the city skyline glowed under the caress of the setting sun, and at 10pm the Eiffel tower erupted in a sparkle of light.

The Île de la Cité 

The Île de la Cité is the heart of Paris. Now it was awash with blooms, from Notre Dame to the side streets. Make sure to visit the flower markets – the smell alone is worth the visit. Then take a short stroll to the Sainte ChapelleOnce home to the Crown of Thorns, this chapel is a medieval wonder of stained glass. Visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds, or else at sunset when the chapel is said to be at its most spectacular.
Inside one of the many arcades

Simply wander

I walked and walked that first day, ever encouraged by side streets calling me to explore. I cam e across a small market (never to be found again), or simply delighted in window shopping.When I finally reached my hotel, I had worn out the sole of my shoes - a good excuse to go shopping in Paris!
Even the metro signs are a work of art

The Simple Pleasures

Paris is for people watching, and in summer simply sit outside in a cafe, and watch the world go by. The whole world does indeed pass by. Oh, and maybe try a cake or two. Plus a glass of local wine.
C'est Paris.

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