Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Images of Venice

Images of Venice

Since Venice has floated grandly on the seas for centuries, the best way to approach is via a water taxi. I believe everyone should fly into Venice at least once in their life; then catch the vaparetto from the airport into Venice. This day the city hid behind the mist; I felt alone with the sea, until suddenly the boat arrived at the Piazza San Marco.

Images of Venice

Squeri, or gondola repair shops, once filled Venice. A few remain, such as the Squero di San Trovaso. Hidden in a side canal, it is closed to the public, but standing on the other side of the canal I got more than a adequate view of a craft which has been handed down the centuries.

Images of Venice

The Doge's Palace can be overwhelming with its sheer opulence, the enormous size of so many of the paintings, and the overall grandeur of the building. After all, it was built to reinforce the splendour of Venice to all who visited, and render mere mortals to feel inadequate. Yet even the tiniest details are exquisite, such as patterns on a marble staircase.

Images of Venice

Perhaps what I love most about Venice is the unexpected. A turn down a dark ally to find a crumbling archway metres away from the Grand Canal. Better still, there is always a cafe, or a place to sit and watch the world of Venice walk by.

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