Labelling Corfu

Corfu is a place of contrasts. A brilliant blue sea under blazing sunshine. A centre packed with tourists.
And forgotten mosaics, so delicate.

I love the ethereal nature of this work. I never quite understood Byzantine icons, but in Corfu they finally made sense. Sitting in the Church of St Spyridon, where the remains of Corfu's patron saint are on display, I sat surrounded by incense, and icons glimmered at me in the darkness.

Away from the perennial crowds which flood to the island, are hidden spots. Old buildings, forgotten towers, streets which seem to lead nowhere; Corfu defies labels.

Corfu is a place to wander, and to be lost. Which I managed very easily. Trust me, the map didn't help.


  1. Interesting, I will put it on my Google maps list .

    1. Thank you - my lists keep getting crowded because I keep coming across more places to go and see


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