My Travels in 2018

I have always loved travel, and am fortunate enough to have done a bit this year - never enough, but there is alway 2019!
So, a few memories of 2018.

i) Melbourne.

Melbourne is a great place to visit. I prefer living in the warmth and sunshine of the coast, but with my daughter studying at university in Melbourne I'm never short of a reason to visit. I can drive the distance in one day, although a slower amble is always more fun.

Melbourne has much to offer - I believe her coffee to be the best outside Italy. To eat poorly there is not to try, and the shopping is to dir for. Then there is the art, from the galleries to the streets filled with street art (and the occasional Banksy). If in doubt, simply wander her streets.

ii) Japan

Cruising around Japan was one of this years highlights. I saw Mt Fuji through the blossoms of cherry trees; climbed mountains covered in forest, visited Hiroshima, paddled in a basket boat, and drank far too much sake.

iii) A Holiday at Home

As my husband's health deteriorated, we decided to have #ResortWeek at home. Check in was easy, the food great, the locals friendly, the wildlife well behaved. We foraged in the garden for food, woke up to the sound of birds,  and sipped champagne in the spa. Next time, however, we might get a room with a bigger bed.

iv) Christmas at the Sunshine Coast.

To finish the year, we did the classic Australian Christmas: in the car at 3am for a 14 hour drive to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast to spend the festivities with my husband's family. The wether: glorious. The water: crystal cleat and perfect. Too much food, rolling hills of green, and some more shopping. A perfect end to the year.

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