Shore-side Greetings

Just a happy, dancing samurai, greeting the boat as we sailed into Sado. Wherever our boat docked, there was always a greeting.

I feel like I've seen the opening ceremony for the upcoming Olympics. Dancing, singing, performances with coloured flags, bands, speeches, acrobats; it was all there.

I'm not quite sure who this fellow was. Something lost in translation, but he seemed to be enjoying himself as much as everyone else.

Not to mention the proud parents who couldn't help but join in.

From various ports I ventured to ancient forests, a village of canals or simply enjoyed walking through a garden in the rain; but everywhere, this fantastic greeting.

Keeping the famed crested ibis of Sado under control was left to the dancing samurai. The ibis had a habit of running over to hug visitors as they returned to the boat.

While others just enjoyed drumming away. The kids with their instruments were spectacular. They were there when I got off the boat, and still performing when I got back later in the day.

Not to mention the singing. Just how gorgeous can two girls be?

And then it is time for farewells. Until next time.

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